Why do we do Spinal Surgery?

Spinal surgery should always be a treatment of last resort. When people do require surgery it is imperative that the operation be carried out with as little soft tissue damage as possible. By using minimally invasive techniques soft tissue damage is kept to a minimum. This means that there is less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery period.

What Patients Say

Mr Langdon was very understanding about my condition and talked me through every procedure that could help me get more mobile again. I was always at ease with him with his caring attitude. A true professional thanks.

April 2019

A very professional consultant. Showed great care and understood me as a person and patient. Saw me pre procedure and after in recovery room and own room. Visited again before going home in late evening and yet again first thing the next morning. It felt like I was Mr Langdon’s only patient which I know is far from the truth. Unfortunately, I am a nervous patient but could not have been in better hands. Many thanks

January 2019

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